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First Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
A Caring Community of God's People


Thank you for visiting.  Are you looking for a caring church home that will nurture you and your family?  Are you looking for a community of faith that will challenge you to grow spiritually?

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The colors of God's Promise over the baptismal font. 
"While religion can comfort and enrich, it is too important to be taken for granted.  It must be probed, studied, questioned and challenged, for, in the struggle, it comes to life."    Ari L. Goldman, The Search for God at Harvard





Lord, you taught us to pray for our daily bread.  We live in a land where we can plan nutritious meals every day.  We routinely include delicacies, much of which the world cannot imagine or, at best, only dream about.  Accept our thanks for the plenty we enjoy and even take for granted every day.  Help us to eat today both responsibly and gratefully, and show us what we can do this day to help feed a hungry person somewhere else.



Thank you, Lord, for simple gifts - a helpful stranger, the smile of a child, patches of cloud and sunlight, a good bath, a roof, a soft bed, ample food, a safe community, peace at home.  Though we work hard to make these things possible, we have not deserved them; others work hard yet suffer calamity or want.  Teach me the secret of giving thanks in all circumstances, for even in the midst of tragedy or loss, there is much for which to be thankful. 



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10:30 am Coffee/Refreshments
11:00 am Worship Service
(Nursery care Provided)


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