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Saturday, July 04, 2015
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Pastor Michael Lamm and wife Cathy

"While religion can comfort and enrich, it is too important to be taken for granted.  It must be probed, studied, questioned and challenged, for, in the struggle, it comes to life."    Ari L. Goldman, The Search for God at Harvar



 Honoring Rev. Mike Lamm

Eight and a half years ago, Mike walked into First Presbyterian Church and into the lives of our congregation, our city, our presbytery and beyond.  A third career?  A construction engineer, sound designer with patents to his credit! Eden Seminary (where is that?!) and now preacher! He has used all of those skills and more to minister to this flock.

We thank you, God!

In the early years when it was realized that this parish was not paradise and that without hard work, courage, and inspiration there would be no FPC for long, he rallied the troops i.e. the session, had us reading, studying and discussing steps to invigorate and build a new church within the walls of an old structure.  And so it began!

We thank you, God!

The congregation bought into the process; we saw changes in the order of worship, new ways of praising God, improvements to the church building, a computerized sign on the lawn, and concern for efficient equipment.  We found ourselves appreciating the use of projector and screen to enhance worship in the sanctuary (Wasn’t that a surprise?!) and if we needed something, Mike built it, made it or fixed it.  A History Room was set up to helps us remember the past when we wanted to, but emphasis was on the “now and tomorrow.” 

We thank you, God!

New members were welcomed and that included some young folks who found out through Mike’s leading that church can be a part of contemporary life—and POYQ began.  The sight of little children and school-aged youth was welcomed indeed.  New traditions like baking bread for communion, oil lamps on the communion table, flowers on the cross at Easter and resurrection cookies had taken hold of us!  The deficit budgets were almost eliminated and generous giving has been the theme in recent years.  With excellent chairpersons of Building & Grounds and Mike’s knowledge as well, we find our church plant well cared for.

We thank you, God!

Through the years, Mike has led us in intriguing study—from the Gospel of Mark to THE SHACK to Living the Questions, a book about death and dying, and contemporary theologians such as Marcus Borg, Phil Gulley, and David Lose. His sermons have taught us about the Bible, the church and discipleship—sometimes challenging our ability to understand or willingness to learn. He reminded us to forgive and to even pray for our enemies! (Is he serious?!)Through  the Nooma DVDs and entertaining movies on Movie Night he gave us other opportunities to gain insights and influence our thinking.  Sometimes his plan worked!

We thank you, God!

It is Mike’s character and his devotion to God that sets him apart and has taught us best how to live, love, and learn.  (And he’s always telling us that it was Jesus who showed us how to live!) His compassion for the less fortunate, his showing that love is action, bedside visits, his reminder that ALL persons are loved and forgiven only prove that he not only can talk the talk, but he walks the walk for sure!

Mike, with deep appreciation and love, we wish for you and Cathy a long and happy retirement.  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Praise and thanks to God!  AMEN!





   Pastor Michael Lamm





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