First Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
A caring community of God's People

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"While religion can comfort and enrich, it is too important to be taken for granted.  It must be probed, studied, questioned and challenged, for, in the struggle, it comes to life."    Ari L. Goldman, The Search for God at Harvard


June 17, 2017 ~ June 24, 2018



We humans take ourselves too seriously Lord.  We assume that we are important, and what we do is important in some ultimate sense.  But you know how brief our time is, how fleeting our works.  You alone are truly important, and what we do only has importance insofar as we are doing the work YOU give us to do.  So help me to greet this day with humor and laughter, and take myself lightly.  Let others see in me the joy that the Holy Spirit inspires.



As I prepare to take my rest, help me to lay aside every concern and worry.  There are few things so weighty that I should lose sleep over them.  Whatever might burden me and busy my mind, you are great enough to handle it without my anxious assistance.  If I cannot entrust my worries to you, I do not trust you at all.  So I surrender once more every weight to you, for you are capable of doing more than I can ever ask or think 

This week at a Glance  
   Davidson Singers - Christmas Concert 12.11.2017  
 10:30 am Coffee/Refreshments

(Nursery care provided)
               Transportation is available