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A Reluctant Reverend

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)

That’s me.  I admit it.  In fact I’ve come to think it may be a good thing.  I didn’t want to be a minister.  Quite frankly, I was enjoying life, enjoying the freedom of doing what I wanted to, when I wanted to.  For several years I worked in construction and spent some of that time in Alaska and overseas.  I could quit and find a new job whenever I wanted to do so.   

Then I worked in audio as a recording engineer and speaker designer.  It was fun.  Sometimes it paid pretty well, too.  Business took me to the Orient and Europe and that was exciting.  My faith was important to me.  I was active in worship and found real meaning in projects that relieved suffering and poverty.   

But I didn’t want to be a minister.  I was too earthy.  I wasn’t good enough or “pure” enough.  Well, I still am not those things.  But I realized that most of the heroes in the Bible were pretty rough characters who still managed to be loved by God and useful in doing God’s work.   

So, here I am, trying to be useful.  Trying to study and learn God’s hopes and dreams for us all, and trying to tell other people what I’ve learned.  This feels meaningful and fulfilling.  But I’m still not comfortable with the “Reverend” title.  All reverence belongs to God; I deserve none.

 So, what’s on your mind?

 Mike Lamm




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