First Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
A caring community of God's People


Pick up one of the Advent devotional booklets on the table out in the narthex.  Promise yourself that you will read one page each day.  You feed your body three times a day.  Resolve to nourish your soul at least once a day.
Turn off the TV.  That will turn off the advertisements that try to convince you that somehow having a new leather jacket will make your life meaningful. Put on some Christmas music.  Not songs about chestnuts roasting on an openfire or snow covered winter wonderlands.  Put on music that sings of the greatest gift the world was given, songs that tell of peace on earth and goodwill towards others.
Gather the newspaper ads and take them directly to the recycle bin without looking at them.  Their whole purpose is to make you want.  The whole purpose of Christmas is to celebrate a gift.          
And give some thought to this.  How will what you spend on your Christmas feast compare with how much you spend on food to share with others that are struggling.  How will what you spend on Christmas presents for family and frends compare with your gift to Christ.  The Magi brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  What will you give?