21 RANDOLPH STREET, THOMASVILLE, NC 27360 - 336.476.4110
First Presbyterian Church
Friday, May 24, 2019
A Caring Community of God's People


Rev. Jennie L. Hemrick, Pastor
Yulia Roubtsova, Director of Music
Carole Skinner, Office Manager
Curtis Patterson, Pastor-Emeritus
Church Session (FPC's Governing Body)




Joe Bennett
Marguerite Fowler
Phil Griffin
Anice Griffin
Mark Dee Hasker
Sue Langfitt
Barb Hampton
Julie Tyson
Jennifer Hege
Clerk of Session ~ Marguerite Fowler
Treasurer ~ Jennifer Hege
Committee Moderators:
Building & Grounds ~ Phil Griffin
Christian Education ~ Julie Tyson
Congregational Care ~ Anice Griffin
Personnel ~ Joe Bennett 
Outreach co-Moderators ~ Mary Dee Hasker & Barb Hampton
Worship ~ Sue Langfitt