21 RANDOLPH STREET, NC 27360 - 336.476.4110
First Presbyterian Church
Saturday, February 23, 2019
A Caring Community of God's People


We have many opportunities to get to know each other better at First Presbyterian Church of Thomasville.  Our small but caring Church welcomes each of you to come and enjoy our fellowship.  Feel the true presence of God through the warm smiles and friendly handshakes you receive within this family of God's children.
Presbyterian Women are dedicated to prayer and Bible study.  PW meet monthly for Bible Study and fellowship.  This fall we began a study of 'Come to the Waters': Biblical stories of faith through water stories from Genesis to Revelation. We support missions at home and abroad.  We work to achieve justice and peace.  Our caring groups strengthen the church and witness for God at home and in our community.  We fill shoe boxes with gifts for children for Christmas distributed by Cooperative Community Ministries; and we have two (2) baked sales a year.
There are various events throughout the year: potluck brunches, picnics on the grounds, and once a month we have movie night.  Free movie, free popcorn, free soda.  (SEE UP COMING MOVIE TITLES.)
The purpose of our Church Retreats are to provide the opportunity for our members to become renewed in the Spirit.